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Ross Sportswear

established 1960 

Since 1960, Ross Sportswear has been specializing in men's and ladies' quality sportswear in downtown Minocqua, WI. Featuring quality name brands like Pendleton, Filson, Browning, Stormy Kromer and Sorel.  

Ross Sportswear was founded by William Ross who, prior to starting his business in the Northwoods, worked for a steel company in Chicago. Originally, Minocqua was a vacation to the Ross family until 1955 when he moved his wife and children to Minocqua to start a Northwoods clothing store. 

His son, now present owner, Bill became involved with Ross Sportswear during his college years and moved back to Minocqua with his wife in 1982 to work in the family business.  

“That’s when I determined that I wanted to get into business and eventually move back here and get into the trade,” Bill said. “Then in 1982 my wife and I moved back to Minocqua and I started to work in the business.” 

Almost 10 years after Bill returned to the Northwoods to work the family business with his father, a devastating accident struck Ross Sportswear, completely destroying the interior of the building. 

Ross Sportswear survived a devastating electrical fire January 14, 1991 and decided to rebuild and opened again August 1 in the same year. During the reconstruction of the store, Bill began to take over the store as his father, William, settled into retirement. And so the family business was passed down from father to son. 

Now Bill's son, Bill Ross Jr. has also joined the family business. Keeping this beloved Northwoods store in the family for three generations.